Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What A Difference A Needle Makes

I started Ripples In Time late last spring, but after I completed the body the whole thing was set aside - in part because I needed to order metal DPNs to correspond with the Addi Turbos I had used. For some crazy reason I did not keep the needles with the project - but put them away and relied on the notes I had made on my Ravelry page. I therefor ordered a set of 3.25mm - US3s - from KnitPicks when I was ready to begin again.
Several weeks ago, I finally cast on with my new DPN's...but was alarmed to find that the gauge was way off. I checked and double checked my notes and my Ravelry page - and according to them I had ordered the right size. I was a bit confused because I thought I remembered using the size that the pattern called for - which was a US 2, or a 3mm - but surely I wouldn't have made such a simple clerical error! At the time, I figured that the weight of the DPN's was throwing me off because the KP needles are quite heavy. I let my frustration put me off of the project again and moved on to happier knits.
Last weekend I finally sat down to get to the heart of this mystery. In order to finally figure out the problem, I decided to work the sleeves flat using my Addis. I began the first sleeve on a 3.25 mm needle, and got the sample you see in the first two pictures.
I then worked the same piece in a 3.o mm needle. Right away I knew that this was the needle I had used because it felt right in my hands - whereas the slightly larger needle had felt a bit awkward.
Much better...isn't it! Now I can settle in to work, and hopefully will very soon have a completed sweater.
Next time, I'll leave the needles with the project.
And be more careful when recording my Ravelry entries.
And I won't let so much time go by in the middle of the project.
Why is that dratted Green Woman laughing so hard?

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Margene said...

Keep knitting, that's the key for me. Leaving something and going back seems to create more headaches. At least you're back on track now!