Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love The One You're With?

I tried. I really, really tried.

With 8 of 11 sections finished on the Mystery Stole 4, I am sending it to the frog pond.

My reasons are such:
  1. I am not enjoying this project. It's not fun to knit, and I'm only knitting on it for a sense of obligation. Life is way too short to be forcing oneself to a hobby like this.
  2. I do not particularly like the finished design. While yes, I love many of the elements, I don't really think they work well together. For me, it's a case of too much is too much. I have to admit, too, to being rather disappointed with the overall theme of this year's project. Last year's Swan Lake as well as the previous two designs were much more cohesive and meaningful. Serendipity is ...well...rather haphazard for my taste.
  3. I love the beads, and like the yarn. The more I look at them together, though, the less happy I am about the combination. It's too drab, and neither is showing off well. (The color above is fair. It's hard to photograph with my camera. The beads are a gorgeous, soft gold that I really want to reclaim for a future project. I have enough of the yarn left for a scarf later on if I finish now. (I don't think it will frog well.)
  4. You may remember from Monday's list that I had considered putting this piece in my PEO auction because I'm just not going to use it myself. There are two big problems with that one. For the first, see #1. For the second - consider that the last stole I put in the auction, while appreciated greatly by the woman who purchased it (a fabulous knitter in her own right, and a very good person), did not fetch even half of what it was worth.
  5. I really need to move on to other projects - like my husband's sweater - and this is holding me back.

The Green Woman is hopping around the house, pretending to be a frog.

No wonder my non-knitting friends think I'm nuts.

And yes, just as I still (at 34) have to call my Mom whenever I'm sick for permission to stay in bed, I called my BKB this afternoon to confirm this was the right decision. Silly me.

PS. That was ridiculously satisfying to frog. I had to cut a bunch of it up to get the beads out, and every cut just plain felt right.

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Margene said...

You know what's best! You're doing the right thing.