Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today...So Far

In honor of my husband's aunts - who both read and enjoy this blog - and inspired by Lecia's blog, I decided that today I would present our day so far. The Princess didn't have school today, so it's been different - and fun - and...well... you'll see!
First, the Princess and I decided to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for breakfast tomorrow. Yum. Unfortunately, I kept my back turned to the Pixie for just a hair too long. (Then again, she's not normally given to mischief.) I happened to glance around the corner when we had the batter all mixed up....and discovered that she had been painting on my couch.
That's and red paint on my beautiful couch. Thank goodness it's washable paint, and that the couch has a very cleanable microfiber cover.
Crisis cleared up, the girls got to taste the batter.
Then they did each other's hair.

Isn't she cute!
This one too!

I have such girley-girls!
We then went to Michaels - a trip that I've been promising the Princess for a while. She thinks it's better than a toy store! (Smart me to train her that way.....) I took the camera, but the Pixie just wasn't happy.
When we got home, I gave them hot dogs - which is a very rare treat in this house.
They loved them!

The Pixie is in bed now, and my Princess is happily making Thanksgiving crafts. She's a very creative sort, and will probably be here for the rest of the afternoon.

And now I'm off to the rather prosaic, n0t-so-fun to-do list. If I'm lucky, I'll have a bit of time to knit...


Bonnie said...

Muffin batter, hairdos, Michael's - now that's a nice day! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

These pictures are so sweet!! I must say, your daughter is very mischevious!! First the keys, then painting on the couch....if we lived in the same town and she came over for a playdate I'd be nervous! :)

Love especially the pictures of doing hair. Enjoy those muffins and your Thanksgiving! xoxo