Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Inspiration

No photo today, just a few comments.

You may remember that I recently cleared 15 years of old clothing out of my closet. On the one hand, it was extremely cathartic, but on the other hand it left me with very little to wear. In fact, I quickly found that I was back in the type of sweats and t-shirts garb that I had avoided so carefully for a few years. I stopped paying attention, and quickly gave up on myself. (The Forestry debacle didn't help either.)

Friday morning, after our weekly play date in the our mall's play area, I wandered in to Eddie Bauer just to look and found a massive sale. I went back that night and was able to purchase some really nice things to start rebuilding my wardrobe. It's no wonder, then, that when I woke up yesterday I felt lighter than I had in a while. In fact, I actually had to stop and consider my wardrobe options both yesterday and today...which is something I haven't done in years.

And so Inspiration Sunday today is just a gentle reminder. When we take care of ourselves than we feel good about ourselves. As a result, we can find ourselves in a better place of mind for creativity to flourish.

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great post - very inspiring. I think we all struggle to a greater or lesser degree with taking care of ourselves. It does feel good and tend to snowball when we do it.

Glad you got some fun new things at Eddie Bauer!