Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yesterday I exchanged some yarn at my LYS. I took back some lovely stuff that I hated to part with - Claudia Hand Painted fingering - but I also didn't want to risk the type of fading that I've experienced with my Jeweled Step and Frolicking Shamrock socks. Instead, I brought home these beautiful skeins of Dream in Color's Strange Harvest Smooshy. I want another fingering weight shawl for every day use, and I think this will do the trick nicely! I even have a pattern already picked out....

In miscellaneous other news, I will have a post up tomorrow about a new lace project that I cast on last night, and am super-excited about. I've also decided to remove the pressure of a one-month sweater for an adult male from my list, and will be making a decision about the yarn today. A picture on Kristin Nicholas's blog of her new pattern for crocheted, felted and embroidered ornaments is making it onto my possibility list. Oh, and for the knitters/coffee lovers out there - Starbucks has a new mug in which looks like a cabled sweater. It's super-cool!


Margene said...

Thanks for the link to the ornaments! I must run by Starbucks and get a mug, too!!

fleegle said...

A very bad day--so sorry!

Harry says Thank You Very Much and waves to The Green Woman :)