Friday, November 19, 2010


That's the sound of my week flying by!
Two things - or rather, two people - have made this a pretty crazy week. They would be: 1. A teething Cupcake and 2. The Pixie who insists on going through her terrible twos at the age of four. Yep, I've been worn to the bone by the end of each day....needing an early bedtime more than my usual crafting time. Of course, The Pixie's sudden refusal to go to bed has made that rather difficult....

At any rate, I thought I would make up for my lack of blogging this week by doing a workbasket review. This particular workbasket is the Christmas edition, which means that -

this (my 50th pair of socks)....

and this (my Daybreak) are on hold for now. I put in a row or two on whichever grabs my fancy now and again, but only when I need a bit of a break with some super-plain knitting. (Also on hold, but not pictured, are my Princess and Tibetan Cloud shawls.)
Because, if I am going to finish by Christmas, I need to be working on the following:
This is the Princess's sweater. The good news is that I'll finish knitting the second sleeve today, leaving only the finish work to do. I imagine the finish work will be pretty time intensive as it is going to include steeks and a whole lot of ends to bury carefully, but I'm going to wait until I've also finished....
The Pixie's sweater so that I can do it all at once.
My pipe dream is to also finish this cardigan so that I have a new sweater for Christmas. Don't know if that's going to happen, though, because my girls requested more felt food for Christmas. As Lily Bean Market is no longer making the felt food, I had to resort to the kits they now produce. (I would like to say, though, good for them! It's awesome that the demand got so big that they had to rethink the company a bit!)
I have a felt pack for their mini-foods,
The donuts that I actually started long ago, and the new kits for...
Christmas cookies,
cherry pie,
and sushi.
I think I may ask my parents if they can take the girls for a weekend between now and Christmas so that I can sew up all of the felt food. The exciting thing is that when I complete it we'll actually own almost all of the designs that Lily Bean created. Believe me when I say that their felt food has been one of the best toy investments we've made!

PS. No, I didn't notice that my pictures of those felt kits were wonky until after I had imported them to blogger. Tough.


Paula said...

It's so fun seeing all your WIP's. Love the felt food.

Bonnie said...

Hope the coming week is less crazy. 50 socks - that's impressive!