Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Reading

This will be fast, because I spent more time watching horror movies this month than actually reading - or listening to - books.

In fact, I only have four this month - all of the actual book variety.

1. The Miracle At Speedy Motors and
2. Tea Time For The Traditionally Built, Alexander McCall Smith - which officially finishes up all of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books which are in paperback right now.
3. The Antelope Wife, Louise Erdrich, which was my Endicot book for the month, and the fourth I've read since joining this Good Reads book group. Right now my personal enjoyment of these books is at 50% - and I'm quite happy to say that this is one of the books I enjoyed. It's definitely worth savoring. Makes me want to go back and read Erdrich's other books!
4. The Curse of the Wolf Girl, Martin Miller - finally finished it last night, and am happy to say that it got a lot better in the last half. Part of the problem could be that there are soooo many characters that Miller becomes a bit bogged down in recording the minutia of each one's story. Nevertheless, it was fun in the end and left me wondering if there would be a third book.

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A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you for this list - you always have good recommendations. I need to read What Maisie Knew (Henry James) over the weekend for my book club next week, but I'll put in some requests at the library so I've got something waiting for me...