Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Meanderings

I was poking around in a few old files of pictures and found this gem. This is the Princess modeling a hat I made for my Dad for Christmas once upon a time. I thought it would be a good photo for today since I am currently deep in Christmas knits!

  • I'm knitting dangerously today.
  • By 'knitting dangerously' I mean, 'praying I won't run out of yarn for these two Christmas sweaters because it's going to be really, really darn close.'
  • Ahem.
  • Speaking of the Christmas sweaters, can I just tell you all how much I love and adore colorwork?! Seriously, I could spend the rest of my knitting life knitting nothing but lace and fair isle and be completely happy.
  • Along with this interesting revelation comes the additional dawning of the fact that I really don't enjoy cables. They're kind of dull.
  • I know, I each his own.
  • And speaking of lace, all of you who have an opinion on such things, please speak up. I have enough of my recent handspun to make a shawl. Should I do one of my favorite patterns or design something of my own?
  • Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I only have two things to say about the allergy diet this week.
  • Number One - The benefits far, far outweigh the inconveniences.
  • Number Two - Last night I survived my first public outing. Suffice it to say that I am going to have to plan better. Much, much better.
  • In exercise news, Boot Camp is over - but several of the girls and I are planning on continuing to work out together. Win!
  • My Boot Camp results were excellent! Yay me!
  • Right now the only problem seems to be that I can't sleep worth a darn. I have a call in to my doctor to talk about my medications because insomnia is a side-effect of both. I kind of wonder if my body chemistry hasn't already changed enough to have pushed that particular problem to the forefront.
  • Oh, and I do have an appointment on the books for the girls and I to establish care with a new GP. I'm kind of excited about that! She came highly recommended by my allergist - who knows the doctors I've had in the past and could give me the name of someone she felt I would get along with.
  • We're looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family.
  • We're not looking forward to the problem of who sleeps where.
  • We're hoping to convince the girls that camping out on an inflatable mattress in the basement is really, really fun.
  • Can't wait to see my brother! and my SIL!

One last thing - too cute to be a regular bullet-point. I went to use the little notepad in my knitting bag the other day and discovered that the Princess had written a little letter in it. It says, " Dear God and Jesus, Please take away my sins and give me love. Love, (Princess) (May the force be with you."

Have a great week everyone!


quantumtea said...

When my mother in law was running out of yarn she would knit faster so she finished before the yarn ran out... And heck with it, design something for the handspun! Design something that's not a butt-pointing triangle...

I use a lightbox for insomnia at the insistence of my sleep doctor, I have the kind where you can't get to sleep, and once you do, you can't stay asleep. I'm shocked at how well it works. Might be worth looking into, there's no drug side effects from light.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

Paula said...

The photo is a treasure. The expression on Pixie's face is adorable!

I'm with you: color work and lace could keep me entertained for a lifetime. And probably will.

A Day That is Dessert said...

That note is too much!! haha! And the picture is really precious.

I hope your sleep improves - that sounds really hard.

Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Shelda said...

That note is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it. Heck, thank Princess for writing it!

And design your own shawl. Definitely. You've been wanting to do that!