Monday, November 1, 2010

We Interupt Our Regular Posting For A Special Topic

I will fully admit that I'm in the ugly first stages of sugar/yeast withdrawal, and I'm no fun at all. (Actually, I just want to energy level plumeted around 2 this afternoon - my usual chocolate time - and it's just gotten worse.)

Anyhoo, I don't think it's such a good idea to do my usual Monday post right now, so instead I would like to talk about something which I believe is very important. In fact, you could say this is my newest obsession.

I want to talk about.....


We found these unusual gems at Peach Tree Farms, which prides itself in finding new and unusual gourds every year for the delight of young and old alike. If we're really lucky, they've outdone themselves with something crazy. Up until now the reigning champion was the Turk's Turban - a crazy, lumpy red thing that just made me laugh. However, the Goose Gourd has completely taken over that top spot, and I love them now with a passion!
I spotted the Goose Gourd flock while the girls were off on the hayride with their father. Having been through many, many hayrides (ugh), I decided to skip that particular activity so that I could scope out the pumpkins. I saw the sign first, and when I looked down and saw a pile of gourds that actually looked like a sleeping flock of geese...well, my little heart went pitter-patter and I knew that they had to come home with me.
Yes, I said "they." I brought home 3. One would be lonely, and two isn't enough for a flock, after all!
What exactly am I going to do with them?
I don't know yet. At this point, it's just enough to love them.
I did start looking through the girls' things to see if I could find a doll bonnet, though, because I think perhaps they might have to be dressed up like Jemima Puddleduck and co....


margene said...

I love gourds! They are so decorative no matter what you do. Don't forget to show us how creative you get. Good luck with your new diet.

Shelda said...

I love them! What a good giggle.

I hope they keep you company for this admittedly not so fun time.

That and the new shawl pattern ;) Did you cast on yet?

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love them, too! I hope you're feeling better soon.