Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's A Start!

It's not often that I have an entire day to work on a project, and I feel incredibly lucky that today wound up being one of those days.

As hoped, I did finish the Princess's sleeves last night, which meant that I was free to focus on the Pixie's sweater.

Before I picked up the needles, I spent some time with the schematics for both sweaters, making plans for the changes necessary to convert Julia's Sweater from a pullover to a cardigan. Those changes will include the addition of a front steek, slightly longer sleeves with a slightly wider top and a shift in the placement of the armhole steeks. Easy as pie!

For no good reason, I decided to start both a sleeve and the body....and for no good reason I fumbled with both trying to make them work according to my wishes. We'll blame it on trial and error and slippery needles. At any rate, I now have a plan in place and am happily on my way to another beautiful sweater!

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