Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing....The Jacobs!

Merry Christmas Sean,

My name is Zeke. I am a yearling 2-horned Jacob ram born April, 2009. I am the Big Daddy and hope to father several lambs for your family. By the time I am 5 years old, my horns should make another curl. I also have a beautiful fleece. Perhaps someday you will be adorned with a wonderful sweater that I have produced. I am also quite gentle and settling into life at your in-laws farm.

Thank you for being my new shepherd.

Love, Zeke and Grandpa

Merry Christmas Pixie,
Hello, my name is Danette. I am a 2-horned Jacob yearling ewe born April, 2009. I am a follower and a little flighty. Grandpa is working hard to calm me down. My fleece has more white than the others. It will make you some beautiful socks. Maybe you can also learn to spin and knit like your mother. I also hope to give you one, two or three lambs this spring. Maybe when you are old enough you can show some of us in 4-H.
Thank you for being my new owner.
Love, Danette and Grandpa.

Merry Christmas Princess,
Hello, my name is Katrina. I am a Jacob 2-horned yearling ewe borh April 2009. I am the dominant ewe in this flock. I lead the others to pasture and back to the barn. I love to eat out of the pail when your Grandpa brings feed out. I have a beautiful fleece and can hardly wait for your mother to spin it into yarn. Perhaps you could spin some also. Then you could knit a beautiful scarf. I am so happy you are my new owner. I hope to have one, two, or three baby lambs for you this spring. Maybe you could show me or one of my lambs in 4-H.
Love, Katrina and Grandpa

Merry Christmas Kristin,
Hello, my name is Willow. I am a 4-horned Jacob lamb born April, 2010. My ancestry goes back to Jacob's flock of sheep in the Bible (Genesis 20). I am younger than the rest and sometimes they pick on me. I am learning to hold my own at the feed trough. I think they are jealous because I have the most beautiful fleece of all. I am so happy that I have a new owner who is so skilled at spinning and knitting. I will be so proud when you make beautiful clothing from my fleece.
I am very flighty and an independent spirit. I may or may not give you a lamb this year due to my age. My first lamb is promised to Erin Girl. I am delighted that Grandpa chose me to make good on his long ago promise of a sheep to you.
I love you Kristin, Willow and Dad


Jenny said...

Your flock is beautiful. Looks like your holidays will have lots of Baaa and no humbug!
; )

A Day That is Dessert said...

Wow!! Oh my goodness.