Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Meanderings

My sweet Princess spent all day yesterday working on her spinning and knitting. She was able to finish up her handspun, handknit alpaca scarf - which is to be this proud mama's Christmas present!

  • I am quite happy to report that my sugar withdrawal phase is now OVER.
  • Let the healing begin!
  • I have always hated the phrase, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. " I think, perhaps, it just misses the mark a bit by focusing on looks. If you tweak it a bit to read, "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels," than you will understand where I am right now and why I am so perfectly at peace with my current dietary restrictions.
  • Besides, I realized yesterday that I don't think about food all of the time anymore, and that this diet has already given me a better understanding of how to listen to my body's needs than anything else I've ever done. Those are definitely good things
  • Who knew? A trip to the allergist is giving me answers to 20 years of problems.
  • AND, I'm not feeling so crazy anymore.
  • My energy level - while still not great - is improving, and I was able to get a lot of stuff done this weekend.
  • Most importantly, we did a small bit of furniture rearranging. My barrister's bookshelf is now down in my little corner, my knitting books are once again safely installed on its shelves, and my sewing desk is now sitting beside my bed. My 'office' in the basement feels complete, and I now have shelving for all of my non-knitting craft books/materials/misc. stuff on my old bookcase. (You may remember, I had intended to put my knitting books in that bookcase, but the shelves weren't wide enough for most of them.) Even better, our bedroom no longer feels or looks cluttered, and my sewing desk isn't hiding behind the door that leads to the bathroom.
  • I also completed some Christmas gifts. Yay me!
  • And I went through my stash page on Ravelry, completely updating it. To my shame, I don't think I've entered anything into my stash page since I first set it up. Whoops!
  • In the process, I nixed a couple of small knit gift projects. The recipients wouldn't have cared, and I realized I didn't want to do them.
  • Barnes & I come. You are my favorite place to buy gifts, after all.
  • By the new projects are going to be allowed until AFTER the Christmas gifts are done.
  • Cupcake is on the floor next to me, practicing new sounds with her voice. Today's sounds include funny bird squawks and buzzing gurgles.
  • Babies are funny.
  • Next odd job...going through all of my magazines. Ridiculous to hold on to so many!
  • Did you know that Starbucks has plain green tea? They do, and I recently discovered that just being there for a few hours to relax is a heck of a lot more important than what I am drinking!
  • Although I would like a peppermint mocha....
  • I would also like a maid, a chef, my personal trainer, a wardrobe full of fantastic clothes, anything other than my van to drive, a fancy camera, a new bedroom set (or at least a new mattress and pillows), and a farm on which to live out my country dreams.
  • By the way, the Princess's day of knitting and spinning had the rather curious effect of making the Pixie realize that SHE wanted to be a knitter and a spinner too. Up until very recently she's not shown any interest in arts & crafts, and her new found interest in the fiber arts was thrilling.
  • Not so thrilling was how she wanted to knit. 1. She would grab my knitting so that she could work on it for a while. 2. She wanted her own scarf to knit.
  • You must understand that by "Knit" what I really mean is that she was moving the stitches back and forth from needle to needle, occasionally stopping to randomly poke the needle into the fabric or make loops with the yarn.
  • Can we say, "Hot mess?"
  • Ah well... the Princess's own early forays into the world of fiber arts were much the same.
  • Thank goodness I don't currently have a spinning project on the wheel. That could have been ugly.
  • This is my last week in Boot Camp in the gym. I'm actually going to miss it - a lot! This particular group of women has been been fun, supportive and absolutely lovely in every way.
  • Speaking of Christmas gifts...I need to get to work!

Have a great week everyone!


Paula said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Love the photo of The Princess with her fibers. That would make a mother's heart flutter for sure.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love this post. I'm so glad you're feeling so much better! And I'm going to remember your thought process the next time I'm tempted by something. "I'd like that (fill in the blank); I'd also like (lots of other unattainable at the moment things)."

Such a sweet photo and wonderful accomplishment on the part of the Princess.