Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Meanderings spiffy photo today. We'll just have to dive right in instead!
  • I am three rows and an edging away from finishing another shawl! Yippee! I should be able to finish the knitting this evening - meaning I'll have another FO to show off later this week. Later...I'm working on the edging now. It's a bit fiddly, but I absolutely love how it looks!
  • It's very pretty, and it's been a lot of fun to knit!
  • I'm making the smaller version of the shawl. I actually have enough yarn and beads to make the larger size....but sometimes you just know that you're done when you are done. Check that....I don't have enough beads to do the larger version. I might have had them at one time, but I only strung enough for the small size. If I had more, I have no idea where they landed as they certainly aren't in my bead box.
  • Once I finish this beauty than I will be back to having only five projects on the needles.
  • I do feel better having fewer WIPs.
  • Must. Remember. That.
  • Incidentally, my husband thinks it's hilarious that I'm finishing another shawl. He's decided this is my personal crazy.
  • I think he's right!
  • And I'm embracing that proudly.
  • I dropped my bead box yesterday, and then spent thirty minutes on the floor carefully collecting the spilled beads. That was a big whoops.
  •'s possible that I could have a second FO this week. Yipee!
  • Maybe even two if I decide to do the other knit bracelet.
  • You should all be proud of me. As of yesterday, I've already spent about half as much time at the pool as I did in all of last year.
  • Oh...and finally having a cute swimsuit actually does help things.
  • Didn't hurt that my husband told me he couldn't find me at the pool because I had changed so much in the last year.
  • The pool was part of our grand Father's Day plan. We also went to see Toy Story 3 (horrible movie....can't even think about it without should see it), and then we took Sean out for hot wings. It was an excellent, excellent day.
  • I'm still not feeling all that hot....
  • Which leads me to the question of the day. I'm considering setting up a second blog specifically to track my journey to better health. If I do so, I would no longer be discussing my health, exercise regimen or medical issues here at Chez Green Woman. This would allow me to take this blog back to what I had originally intended for it - the story of my creative life. I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to follow me over to the new blog - especially as I'm not so sure it would be that much fun to read. I might even set it as private for a time. So what do you think? Are you sick of all of my complaints about how I'm feeling? or do you want me to leave the blog as is?

And on that note...

Have a great week everyone!


Anne said...

I wouldn't really call it complaining. But it might be easier for you to have the 2 - simply to be able to focus on each in the way you want to, ya know?

Can't wait to see more lace shawl pics!

margene said...

Do what works for you. Would it be easier to keep a separate journal of your path to health?

Shelda said...

I'm with the others. If you think it's easier for you to separate the two, then fine. But I suspect it would be a hassle, and one thing or another would take short shrift.

Given that life is pretty interwoven, health and knitting, and kids, and well... whatever... it makes sense that the blog is too.

If you're pulling out the health stuff because you think it's boring for folks to read about, I beg to differ. At least for me. I like knowing other people have health struggles too!

Paula said...

That's cute that your husband couldn't find you at the pool.

I'm not sure the Green Woman would like you splitting up the blog. It seems that your health and well-being is so entwined with your creativity that separating it would be difficult. But whatever you decide, will be GOOD!

A Day That is Dessert said...

I like everything all in one place - it's nice to mix things up...