Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Daddy In The World

The girls were so excited about Father's Day that they pushed Daddy out of bed a wee bit earlier than he would have preferred...poor man!
My MIL helped the girls make this beautiful frame for their Dad, and also provided the pictures.
The girls also helped me to pick out a new bike helmet for their dad...which was definitely needed. (Hey! I'm pretty proud of myself. Good gift ideas for my husband are hard to come by!)
I asked the girls what they would like to say about their Daddy.
From the Princess, "Daddy thinks that my Simpson card is the best card in the world cause it talks funny. Daddy is the best daddy in the world because he's lovable. I think he's cute and he snuggles me a lot and I like it because I ask questions about the world and he had very good answers. And I like him because he is funny. And he gives me the best and biggest hugs and kisses in the world."
From the Pixie,"Because he's -ah- the best daddy in the world. He loves me cause I'm lovey. His letter for his name is S, cause it has sparkles and lillies on it. (OK, I have no idea where that came from.) I think he is funny (She is good at copying her sister...) and for him taking me to school. I like to play band hero with him. I like him to set me up a movie on the new tv. For kissing him for kissing me. That's it."


A Day That is Dessert said...

Oh my goodness - this is SUCH a sweet post. Priceless! You will be so glad to have this recorded for posterity.

Paula said...

Words to treasure from the two P's. Absolutely precious!