Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid-Free Day 2

Yesterday's basement clean-out was extremely successful! I spent most of the day cleaning and sorting, and am very happy to say that I was able to get into almost all of the boxes/piles that I needed to hit. In fact, there are only a few left that I need to peer into. My husband also was able to join in the fun after work, and he spent several hours last night going through his own boxes.

We are both VERY happy with everything we've accomplished. It feels really good to know that we are paring our earthly possessions down to just the things which mean the most to us.

I had hoped to get everything put back together today, but found that two things needed to happen. First, my husband had to deliver an entire van full of the cast-offs to the Salvation Army. Second, I need to go pick up either more plastic storage boxes or a couple of cheap bookshelves so that I can move my books (ahem....almost 20 boxes...and I got rid of 11 boxes full just a few years ago) from their old cardboard boxes into something more sturdy and/or more accessible. Until those books are dealt with in a satisfactory manner, nothing can go back into the storage room. #1 had to happen so that I could do #2, and as #1 didn't happen until late this afternoon....

So instead, I've putzed today. I did a bit more cleaning...took a nap...read some...knit a bit...mostly just letting myself relax and enjoy the day. It's been really nice.

Sean was able to take vacation time - starting today - and so we have some fun things planned for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we're going to finish up with the storage room...and then we're free to enjoy our time alone!

One last thing for today - I did get copies of my lab work in the mail today. My TSH levels have dropped from 5.48 to 3.035 - which is really good! I'm very glad that my body is responding to such a low dose, and - as my FIL predicted - now that I've been on the meds for about a month I am actually starting to feel better. When on thyroid replacement therapy, they want your TSH levels to be under a 2, so we still have a bit to go...but we're getting there!

And - as you may have deduced from that paragraph - I have decided to go ahead and continue on with my blog just as it is. Once again, thank you to all of you for supporting me and helping me to make that decision.


A Day That is Dessert said...

So glad to hear about your medication success! And about your accomplishments on the home front.

Clefton Twain said...

That was TWO full van loads...heh.