Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kid-Free Day 3

Today is the last big work day. The plans and my thoughts:

  1. This morning I went and bought a cheap bookshelf for the Pixie and 12 more plastic storage boxes.
  2. As soon as I finish up here, I'm going to go steal the big bookshelf from the Pixie's room and my old metal bookshelf from the smaller storage room.
  3. Both of those bookshelves will be moved into the corner of our basement that I'm setting up for myself. I will then put out as many books as I can - focusing on those that are truly important to me. I'm hoping to get about 1/3 of my collection out of storage.
  4. The rest of the books are going to be moved into new - more protective - storage boxes from the rapidly disintegrating cardboard boxes.
  5. While ideally I would love to put in a wall of built-in shelves (as my parents have) so that ALL of my books can breath out in the open, I find that I am completely at peace with this plan. This is pretty big for me as the fact that my books have been locked away from me for so long has been one of my biggest complaints.
  6. In fact, just by being able to bring a bunch of my books out of storage I find that many of my complaints about a lack of personal space are starting to dissolve.
  7. While I'm at it, I'm going to look at my options for my corner. It's possible I'll move some of the craft stuff down there....but then I'm not sure about that. Ultimately, there's much better lighting in both our bedroom and the kitchen.
  8. Once the books are taken care of, I can put away the rest of the stuff that's going back in the storage room....which isn't all that much. We've done an excellent job of clearing the rubbish!
  9. Our trash and recycling guys are going to hate us tomorrow.
  10. And I was wrong - my husband made TWO trips to the Salvation Army yesterday, and there's one more to go.
  11. Also on tap for today - finish a sock, swatch for the girls' sweaters and perhaps block the newest shawl. I would like to do a repeat or two on the Princess, but I find I'm not much in a lace sort of mood.
  12. Actually, what I might end up doing is finally getting some practice in on my embroidery. Silly me to have put it off for so long...I keep looking at my materials and books with a very wistful heart. I have a piece that I'd LOVE to do to hang in my living room!
  13. We're going to end the day with a visit to Bangkok Gardens...and we are both very, VERY excited about this!
  14. I'm hoping to maybe go to a movie tonight as well. I don't actually often want to go to a movie...but there you have it. My inner child wants to see the A-Team.
  15. In case you've wondered - I chose to take this week as a complete vacation/work-week, which means no gym time. I don't at all regret that decision as I think it's going to make it easier for me to refocus when we go back to a normal schedule next week. Besides, I was getting grumpy about it and just needed a break!

Whoops! I just published w/o spell check! One of these days I think I'll have to post a list of my most oft repeated mistakes. Seriously....for someone as smart as I am, I can't spell worth a darn. It's my Achilles' heal.


Jenny said...

Oooh, a meal at Bangkok Gardens sounds like a perfect ending for your days of cleaning and organizing. Hope you and your husband have a lovely evening!

Shelda said...

Oh, you are TOO funny! I love the Achilles' "heal" remark. That's a good giggle, ayup.

Glad you hear you're enjoying your down time. Sounds like there's quite a bit of flow happening at your house.

A Day That is Dessert said...

You're making me a tad bit jealous of your kid-free time :)