Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now Where Did I Put That Camera

Yesterday was a near perfect day.

I woke up and spent a little bit of time with my journal.

Then I cleaned up and went in to the Farmer's Market...which has quickly become one of the great joys of my life. I get a bit teary when I get there each time....we'll blame that on the farming in my blood...and I always find some treasures. This time I brought home a fresh scone from Uprise Bakery, some lovely new carrots, gooseberries for my dad, rhubarb to freeze, hot chocolate disks (Who would have thought that some of the best chocolate was made right here in town?), goat cheese and a beaded bracelet to set aside as a gift for the Princess.

When I got home, I took my coffee and my scone out to the back porch with the latest issue of Spin Off for a quiet, and quite lovely breakfast.

Then we packed the kids up and went in to Stevens Lake to Art in the Park - one of our favorite activities. We were delighted with the new set up this year and the difference we saw in the vendors. My husband - who has always enjoyed the experience - actually fell in love with some art this year, which gave us an afternoon of lively discussion. I treated myself to a lovely shawl pin and a beautiful mug, and the girls each made a tie-dye shirt with the help of festival volunteers. We've always loved this event, but it was better this year for some reason.

The girls were being so good that we took them out for a late lunch.

Once home, we had a quiet afternoon of rest and play, during which I made another of Nigella's wonderful Cornmeal Rhubarb cakes. (Seriously, it's one of my favorite cookbooks!) The girls peacefully (for the most part) took their baths and went to bed.

Sean and I then sat down to our Saturday night tradition - horror movies on tv. We laughed because we found last night's entry on Lifetime, which is not exactly known for horror. In fact, we were a bit puzzled until we realized that it stared a very young Kristen Stewart...and that she was now being given top billing because of her Twilight fame. The movie was suitably bad, and we had a great time watching it. Sean even pulled out our espresso machine to make mochas.

It was a perfect day...and I didn't take pictures of any of it.


margene said...

It was all the more perfect because you didn't interrupt it for pictures. I wish you many more perfect days just like it.

A Day That is Dessert said...

A perfect day indeed! Sounds like you found lots of amazing things at the market. Sometimes I leave the camera at home on purpose just to relax and enjoy without the distraction of wanting to take pictures...

Shelda said...

I love rhubarb. I'll have to check out that recipe. I made her "moonblush" tomatoes this weekend. Hy-Vee had grape tomatoes on sale. Yum!