Monday, June 15, 2009

The Monday List

A view from Dad's garden....and one of the prettiest purples I've ever seen.

First up, our review of last week:
  1. I was quite successful with the Must-Do list. The only thing I didn't do was to work on organizing the storage area - but that's because I bought that second batch of yarn before I came home last Tuesday and was able to get started on the baby gift a lot sooner than expected. Yay!
  2. On the Want-To-Do list, I only managed a haircut this week...although that in and of itself was pretty important given how ragged I was starting to look. Again, the baby gift dominated my time.
  3. The Wishes went up in smoke....which is just fine!

And so, for this week:

The Must-Do's:

  1. Come up with better names for my three categories on my Monday Lists.
  2. Take the girls to the library to sign up for summer reading. Yay! This is one of MY favorite things about summer - and it should be really exciting this year with the Princess reading on her own.
  3. Prepare my Convention Report for Thursday. I was a tad disorganized last year, and I would like it to be better this time around.
  4. Finish a knitting project - doesn't matter which one, I just want to finish something. As I've said, it's bothered me more and more lately to have more than 3ish projects on the needles at a time, and I have projects I'd like to start!
  5. Spin! I have a collaborative project that I seriously need to get to work on.
  6. Which reminds me...I finished my BKB's birthday gift a while back, and I really need to give it to her this week!
  7. Get myself back on my healthy lifestyle schedule. I let it slip last week as I was 'on vacation.'
  8. Speaking of which, I have to reschedule my acupuncture appointment. Whoops.
  9. Also speaking of which, I need to do something about my running shoes as mine are clearly approaching the end. Problem is, no one here in town carries wide widths (I measure a 6.5 E - a near impossibility), and so I either risk the local place ordering something, or I go to St. Louis. Sigh.

The Want To Do's:

  1. Do my second swatch for the Princess.
  2. Play with my watercolor pencils and my colored pencils. They appeal to me in a way that no other art supplies do at this point, and I need to figure out what they can do and what I can do with them.
  3. Clean and organize my bedroom so the redecorating can begin!
  4. Clean and organize the girls' bedrooms so that they don't make me nuts.
  5. Write a letter....don't know to whom, exactly, but it is a good way to ease back into writing.
  6. Read lots. I have been lately, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. That's a silly statement given that I grew up constantly getting into trouble for reading too much (to the detriment of almost everything else) but I had.

The Wishes:

  1. Phone calls to dance studios have been downgraded because I'm just not quite ready yet. However, I do want to make sure to keep them in mind.
  2. My quilt pieces come to's about time to start working on that.
  3. Organize the basement....Ha!
  4. Use my seed beads. I'm in full magpie mode right now, and I find myself returning to my bead box repeatedly to play with my shiny things.
Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

Your Dad's garden is beautiful!

Why not order your shoes from Zappos - the shipping is free, and they usually arrive in a couple of days. I have wide feet too; new balance running shoes always work well for me.

Jenny said...

Those are some of the loveliest cabbages I've seen in a long time!

Your Monday lists are rather long. Be sure to pick some of the fun projects as you work through the "chores"!