Monday, June 29, 2009

The Monday List

I've no snappy way to begin this post, and no nifty photos either. Guess we'll just have to get to it!

Last Week's Wrap-Up:

1. Spinning just didn't happen. It was TOO HOT! for most of the week. I don't mind knitting large woolen items in mid-summer, but the thought of a batch of sticky fiber makes me cringe.
2. & 3. Last week the girls and I went to tour one of the local gyms, which our family has since decided to join. My husband's new job will cover a portion of our membership as part of his benefits package (smart, really - preventative measures being cheaper than doctor bills!), and so a long-desired hope is coming to pass. While we were there, they let me check the girls into the play area so that I could take the time to be properly fitted at the running store. My new shoes should be here by the end of the week, and I'm VERY excited about it! Even better, I'm thinking about joining the running groups attached to the store. It could be very good for me.
4. Socks are done...thank GOD!
5. As you know, I did cast on for one beaded shawl - my Deep Woods Shawl - and I preped the yarn for a second - Entomology. Yay! I also just picked up the yarn I wanted to redo an older project. (details will be forthcoming)
6. Last week I started slowly moving back to my morning routine with baby steps in my journal. I'm happy to say that this morning I was able to hop out of bed at 6, and do almost the full routine. It feels GREAT!
7. I did call about the pottery class, but they didn't have space left in the session we needed. (Either that or they weren't having that session because they didn't have enough interested kids...the man I spoke with indicated both during the call, and I couldn't tell which was which.) We'll try again in the fall.

My wants perhaps felt more like needs to my heart last week, as I found myself working on quite a few of them, too.
1. & 2. While I didn't make any time for my art supplies, I did spend some time considering what I wanted to do with my writing. The simple answer is that I've challenged myself to a story a day. It need not be long, fancy, or particularly 'good' just needs to happen. I'm even counting very detailed descriptions of my dreams as a story, because that's what they are!
3. As I packed my bag for my Mommy's Night Off last week, I impulsively grabbed a skein of handspun and a copy of an old issue of Spin Off. That night I began my Old Shale shawl, and I am very pleased with it. It's exactly the sort of project I needed to push myself past the point of considering my handspun too precious to knit with. It's a good thing.
4. I spent some time considering what I really need to make some space my own this week. One of the simpler answers is that I need my books. When I gave my office up so that the Pixie could have her own room, my books ended up being boxed up and hidden away in our storage area. Over the last three years they've been stired and scattered, and you would be shocked to know how badly that hurts me. I faced it head on on Sunday, though, pulling all of my boxes out of our storage area and starting the process of putting them back to rights. If I can't have them out with me, than I need to at least know where they are and feel safe in knowing they are all together again. Special thanks to my Gram. When the process started to hurt too much, and when I started to feel too sorry for myself, I called Gram. She made me feel all right again.

I actually made a bit of progress on each of the three items in last week's Wish List. My eldest cleaned her room, much to my surprise and delight. On Sunday I began the process of organizing our storage area, in conjunction with my personal space issues. I'm sure I'll be talking about this more in weeks to come. As to the embroidery....well, I rather randomly discovered a lovely embroidery book on my night off last week. I didn't buy it, but I did spend some time looking through it's lovely pages. Who knows...this could go somewhere!

Whew! Now for this week's list:

  1. The spinning thing has to be at the top of the list - especially as we are not talking about a personal project, but something that I'm doing for/with someone else. Good thing the heat broke!
  2. I'm putting a huge priority on building on last week's progress with my lifestyle and health goals. Yay me!
  3. Now that the basement organization has begun, I really must continue with it. After all, I have now pulled a bunch of boxes out into the family area, and that's just not good.
  4. A story/day!
  1. Continue knitting on my projects - putzing as much as I like.
  2. Ahh....
  1. Ok, I've got nothing. It happens!

Have a great week everyone!

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margene said...

I sometimes take my wheel into the basement where it's cool all year round. Summer's hottest days make it impossible to spin even if you'd like to.
Your doing so well with the new list system and it seems to be working well for you, too.