Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's Workbasket

Forestry is coming along nicely. All I have to do is the collar and neck bands - worked in one piece - and the seams. As no one really needs to read about my crazy knitting neurosis, I'll spare you the details of my nutty deliberations over the last few days about how many stitches I need to pick up for the collar and bands. Suffice it to say that when I get out of my own way I find that life is quite simple, really, and so is my knitting.
I'm zipping through Princess's second pair of socks for this year. I've decided that three pair/year/child sounds fair - at least until their feet get so big that this is no longer a fast project.
Last night I had my weekly Night Off - necessary for Mommy's sanity - and to celebrate my new attitude about socks I cast on a pair of basic socks for myself. More details to come.
The fabric for my little drawstring bags is clean and has been pressed. Cutting is a breeze - thanks to my cutting mat and rotary cutter - and hopefully I'll get all of the pieces cut out this afternoon. I have 9 (!) bags to make, and while they don't take very long to whip up I have to admit that seeing all of the fabric together is a tad intimidating.

Please note that the Pixie has now officially entered that stage of a child's recorded life where her face is squished up in every picture taken of her. Sigh.

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