Monday, October 13, 2008

The Monday List

Yes, you've seen this picture before. It just so happens that I walk by some mums every morning on the way to the bus stop that are the exact same color, and every morning I notice just how pretty they are. I'm not so sure my neighbors would be all that crazy about me taking pictures of their plants, though.

As usual, our wrap-up is first.
1. Forestry will make its official debut this week. It will definitely be done in time for my guild meeting on Tuesday!
2. You've already seen the completed alpaca. (Would you believe I actually forgot a skein in that photo?)
3. & 4. The drawstring bags and the Pixie's sleeves didn't see any progress this week - beyond pulling them out of the baskets and boxes where they were languishing. Well, I did also press the fabric and set up my cutting board in the kitchen. Sigh.
5. & 7. Likewise didn't work out so well - mostly because of the remnants of my cold and the weird fever that the Princess kept spiking. We were completely off of our schedule, and that always throws me.
6. I was up by 6 AM almost every day last week, and it felt great! I'm finding that if I just listen to my body (duh) than I work best by going to bed early and getting up early. I'm afraid I rather shocked my husband a few times by being asleep by 9 or 9:30, but he can learn to live with that. Not only am I enjoying my full hour of private journaling time, but I am popping out of bed feeling fully rested and ready to go for the day. If you could read all of my old journals (all 15ish of them) you would know what a triumph this is for me!
8. While I didn't make it to the health food store, I did go through the natural products at our HyVee, and did a lot of research online. At HyVee I found Zum Scrub by Indigo Wild, and am completely in love with how it makes my skin feel! My family has been using Zum Bars and Zum Rub (I like lavender mint.) for a long time, and so I may order a few more of their facial products. The Zum Scrub looks as if it's the affordable version of a much-beloved product by a high-end natural skin care line. Also, I am going to order the sample skin care kit from Mountain Rose Herbs. If that works out, what I will probably do is start making my own products. In the long run, that saves a lot of money and is the best choice for the environment.
9. & 10. I absolutely made the right decision. I'm happily knitting a pair of socks for myself, and I feel no regret whatsoever about using a slightly larger needle. In fact, I'm downright giddy to be knitting socks for myself so quickly! Last night I cast on for my husband's first pair of socks. I do NOT expect him to learn the Old Norwegian cast on (my preferred cast on for socks) as he will probably not make more than one pair/year. He's all set for the leg, so I can leave him to it for a while.
11. Done It was so much fun, though, that I think I'll do more.

And for this week:
1. Seam, wash, block and debut Forestry.
2. After finishing a sweater, I really feel the need to do a simple, small project to cleanse the palate. I'm leaning towards a simple lace scarf from some handpainted sock yarn in my stash. I've been looking at patterns online, but really I should use my mountain of stitch guides to design something myself!
3. Thursday evening I am presenting the program for my P.E.O. chapter. When I signed up last year I entitled it 'Sheep to Shawl' which I rightly figured could cover a multitude of topics. I've settled on spinning, as it's simply the most fun to demonstrate, and so I need to take some time this week to prepare. After all, my wheel is completely empty right now...and we can't have that, now can we!
4. It's getting chilly out, and my children need sweaters. With Forestry done, there's no excuse to keep avoiding the Pixie's sleeves. Part of the problem has been the gauge for the sleeves. I ordered metal DPN's to match the metal Addis I used for the body, but for some reason the gauge was looser on my first sleeve attempt. It could be that the DPN's were just heavy and threw me off, or it could be that I put the wrong size of needle on my Ravelry page when I started. What I really need to do is to swatch with a couple of needles so that I can just get on with it.
5. I also need to get to work on a sweater for the Princess. My goal for this week is to either pick or design a pattern so that I can get started just as soon as the Pixie's sweater is done.
6. I need to put together my felted clogs and then felt them. My husband generously knit them for me, but I have to do all of the finish work. And it's getting cold. And he needs the big needle to start another pair of clogs. (I think he's addicted to that pattern...)
7. Exercise is going on my list again, and I am happy to say that I've already managed my walk for today. There will be no more excuses!
8. Likewise, I do need to push myself into following the WW plan. I know it works, I just have to pay attention and DO IT. I did find a notebook last week to journal my food in, and I sat down with my husband last night to plan out the weekly menu - which always makes things easier.
9. Continue to work on my Socktober socks for myself and the girls.
10. Cut out the fabric!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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Bonnie said...

You are so amazingly productive!

Have fun wearing Forestry tomorrow. Hope the weather's just right for it - not so warm that you wish you weren't wearing a sweater, and not so cold that you have to wear a coat or jacket over it.