Sunday, October 5, 2008

Inspiration Sunday

To celebrate the inaugural post of my new "Inspiration Sunday" feature, I thought I would show you something I've been obsessed with for over a year now. This is my collection of Zulu Grass. Handmade by the Maasai women in Kenya, each strand is composed of dyed grass and Czech glass beads. Please do take a minute to peruse the website for more information.
I've bought mine from two sources - Urban Arts & Crafts and The Wild Bird Center - a few strands at a time. After finding out how much I love the stuff, a friend of mine from church also gifted me with a bunch of Zulugrass from her own jewelry box as she was no longer wearing it. I play with my Zulugrass on an almost daily basis. It's just so much fun to mix and match the different strands, and I love how all of the colors seem to go together, no matter how outlandish the combination may seem. Often I use a black or a brown strand to tone down and mature the combination a bit.
For example, this is the combination of strands I wore today.

Typically, I wear three or four strands together on my wrist. Sometimes I twist a whole bunch of strands together to wear as a necklace. I have a small, hinged silver clasp which helps to pull it all together. Zulugrass is not only lifestyle appropriate for me, but it also goes with everything I wear.

Besides, it's fun!

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Amy Dunn said...

Thanks for doing this post- we LOVE Zulugrass- nice photos!