Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monday Morning List - a bit early

I liked last week's picture so much that I decided to include a 'nature' picture as part of my Monday Morning List. This is today's morning sky, photographed from my driveway.

The Princess spiked a pretty significant fever this evening, and I am anticipating a rough day tomorrow. SO, I decided I'd best go ahead and do my list now, while I have the time and energy for it.

Let's start with the wrap up of last week.
1. Not only are the front pieces of Forestry done, but both sleeves are done as well!
2. Yep, I frogged the shawl.
3. & 4. The drawstring bags and MS 4 fell casualty to Forestry, but I'm ok with that.
5. & 10. Exercise and early morning journaling both fell to my cold...but I'm almost over it and expect to start again tomorrow.
6. The plan to dump sugar went very well. In the end, I didn't dump it entirely, but it's down to very, very low levels. As expected, I struggled with food last week and had a slight bump in my weight. This is a typical reaction to cutting sugar, and fortunatly it is a temporary one. By the end of the week, my weight was starting to drop and I feel quite good now.
7. The pantry is a nightmare. Ugh.
8. I started plying my alpaca yesterday. Yay!
9. The house stayed clean last week. Yay!

For this week:
1. Seem Forestry and do the collar - which could conceivably take all week. There's a gazillion stitches in that thing!
2. Finish plying the alpaca and prepare the next spinning project. It turns out that - and this is funny given how many knitting projects are acceptable - I am a single project spinner. I can't start something new until the last project is finished. I had thought about winding the alpaca off of the bobbins this week, but in the end knew I had to deal with it first. I'm sure there will be a post later this week about how much I love my alpaca yarn, and how excited I am to be spinning the next project.
3. At the least, cut out the pieces for the drawstring bags.
4. Get to work on the sleeves for the Pixie's sweater. After all, sleeves are the only thing standing between me and a finished sweater!
5. Get back to work on my exercise schedule.
6. Start getting up early again!!!!
7. Stick with WW. Enough said.
8. This morning I started the process of detoxifying my personal care products. Our family has been making slow but steady progress towards a greener home over the last year, and it's time to take it to the next step. While I've been using natural products in the shower for quite some time, I hadn't moved on towards skin care and cosmetics. Last week I checked out Gorgeously Green from the library, and am using it - and the vast knowledge of my brother's girlfriend - as the jumping off point. My goal for the week is to continue on with some research and to hit the health food store to look at products. I am NOT going to go on a raging spending spree, but I do want to find time to just look. It's probably that in the end I'll wind up with some DIY products...but we shall see.
9. Socktoberfest has renewed my internal debate over sock gauge. On the one hand, I LOVE my very tightly knit socks (on a 2.0 mm needle). On the other hand, at a girls night on Friday I barely managed an inch and a half of a new pair of socks, and my hands complained the entire time. In the best interest of protecting my hands, it might be time to go up to a 2.25. It doesn't seem like much - but when the needles are that small it makes a big difference. This week I need to make a decision, and then get busy on some socks!
10. One of my Socktoberfest goals was to teach my husband how to knit his own socks. Last week he and I picked out needles, and this week I want to cast on and get him started!
11. (Edited to add) I also need to complete a few mini-sweaters ASAP. I'm teaching a class on them in November, and we need shop samples to advertise the class.

Happy Monday and Happy Week!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the beautiful sky photo. Good luck with your week's projects (esp. Forestry), and I hope the Princess is feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

Hope princess gets well soon. Good luck teaching hubby how to knit socks! LOL I'm looking foward to seeing your FO's. Thanks for the Zulugrass beautiful and now I want some!

Niki said...

Oh, I don't know why I didn't think of this when I originally read your post about detoxifying your personal care products! A friend referred me to the Cosmetics Safety Database Web site ( when I was doing some of this. Good luck!