Monday, October 27, 2008

The Monday List

Last Week's Wrap-Up:

1. I did indeed clear out my workbasket! The clogs are drying in my bathroom, Forestry is drying in the living room (although one of the pets used it as a bed last night...) and my new socks are ready to wear today

2. The socks are finished, but I bit off a bit more than I could chew with my choice of a second project to finish by selecting MS4. Whoops.

3. Yes, I started work on the blue merino...but I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

4. No, I didn't do my writing exercises.

5. Yes, my Princess and I got back to work on her room - despite round two of kindergarten adjustment issues.

6. Ack! I only have one costume finished!

And This week's List:

1. The Princess's Halloween costume needs to be done ASAP. I'm going shopping this morning to pick up the rest of the materials I need, and will make it my top priority. My husband has the week off - his annual vacation coincides with his favorite holiday and our anniversary - and I'm going to have him help with the Pixie if I need it.

2. Because of my husband's vacation, our anniversary, and Halloween, this is not going to be a week for Getting Things Done. Ergo, I'm going to keep my expectations light. In the knitting department, I would like to finish my Tudor Grace scarf and get some more work done on MS4. IF I have time - and that's a big IF - than I will get back to work on the Pixie's sweater. and/or cast on for my husband's Christmas cardigan.

3. A simple knitting goal - I need to take measurements from my family f0r Christmas projects.

4. Along that line, I have been working on my Christmas gift list, and I would like to finalize my plans this week. I like to get things done early! (I used to work at FAO Schwarz. Nothing makes you prepare early like working at a crazy toy store during Christmas time.)

5. I need to reclaim as much of my sleeping schedule as possible. 9:30 to 5:30 works best for me, but I've slipped for a variety of reasons. I'm not suffering from it yet, but I know that if I don't get it straightened out soon than I'm going to start noticing it.

6. Again - because of Halloween, our anniversary and my husband's vacation - this is not going to be such a great week in terms of dieting. My weight did start to come down last week, and I don't want to totally ruin it this week, so it's very, very important for me to stick to the core plan as closely as possible. We are planning on eating out three times - all special occasion meals that we have every year - and I'm going to allow myself to fully enjoy those occasions. In order to do that, I have to eat core foods the rest of the week!

7. Likewise, I have to get busy on the Cameron book.

8. Most of the grandparents are coming for Halloween, which means that we need to do some cleaning this week. We keep the house pretty tidy, but it needs a thorough scour. If we have time, we need to work on the girls' rooms, too. I would like to start our pre-Christmas clean out, especially since my husband is going to do a Salvation Army run this week.

9. Continue on with two new things in my journal - a daily to-do list and a bedtime gratitude list. The first has been really helping me to get things done this week, and the second just makes me feel good.

10. Have fun! We have a lot of great things happening this week, and I want to enjoy them!

Happy Monday Everyone! Have a Great Week!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

You take on a lot! Looks like you're aware of what you can/can't do and are setting your expectations accordingly. I love your sense of organization.

Happy anniversary! Be sure to post pics of the costumes when you're done :)

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary! Remember that Halloween costumes don't have to be PERFECT to be fun! A little glue and some tape can go a long way. Can you tell I never spent much time on costumes for my kids? We never bought a costume either. Enjoy the week. It sounds wonderful.