Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cleansing the Palette

I'm really not sulking. I had a bit of a moment yesterday afternoon, but by the time I went to bed I was feeling much better about Forestry. I'm going to try to complete the finish work tomorrow. Until it is washed and blocked I'm going to withhold judgement. In the meantime, I needed something small, simple and colorful to cleanse the palette. This little skein of Pagewood Farm Alyeska (Ravelry Link) has been waiting patiently in my stash for a special project. After a long search, I finally settled on Tudor Grace by Anne Hanson. It has enough of a pattern to make it fun to knit - but the pattern repeat is easily memorized and works well for handpainted yarns. I cast on last night at my guild meeting, and have been working on it all day long. It feels as if I'm taking a knitting vacation!I have a few other new things to share, starting with a skein of the original Opal Tiger yarn. I purchased this from my friend Shelda, who is (perhaps) doing a bit of destashing. It came home with me last night after our guild meeting, and I am going to use it as a bribe to convince my husband to get to work on his own socks! I fess up to having forgotten that I had made arrangements with Shelda to buy this yarn, and so when she arrived at our meeting and handed it to me I had one of those wonderful, happy-day yarn moments!
I was so giddy on Sunday to have finished all of the knitting on Forestry that I purchased a reward skein of Dream in Color Baby. It's very rare anymore for me to randomly buy yarn without a specific project in mind. Fortunatly, I found enough quarters in my change jar to splurge just this once! To be honest, I'd not been that impressed with the way that DIC's colors have translated into their laceweight...but then this skein arrived at Hillcreek. It was love at first sight!
I've actually had this batch of Cascade 220 for a month or so now, but I forgot to blog about it. This was purchased with earnings from my last class, and is intended for a February Lady Sweater. I pushed myself a little bit with the color choice as purple is normally not a color you find in my wardrobe. Change is good, though, and I think this was a wise choice. Likewise, I'm not normally one to follow a trend in knitting. I have no interest, for example, in ever knitting a Clapotis. I'm firmly blaming this on Jenn's fabulous February Lady Sweater, which I was able to try on. Margene's pictures of hers sealed my fate. Drat them both. (She says with a giggle.)
Finally, here is my handspun alpaca. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this yarn. Several of you have asked me what I plan on doing with it, and the simple answer is that I just don't know yet. For now, it's been carefully tucked away in a safe place so that I can dream happy dreams of what it should become.

PS. Please forgive me if there are any spelling errors. For some reason, blogger won't do the spell check this evening, and I want to go ahead and get it posted.

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