Saturday, March 28, 2009


On Tuesday the girls and I went for a 'picnic' with Grammy-Great. She had set her table with all of her fine things, and then served us hot dogs, chips and mandarin oranges with a dessert of her famous peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip ice cream. To top that goodness off, some close friends always fill a basket with goodies for the girls, and so there are always new toys to explore!

Grammy-Great is the queen of over-ruling parental wishes, having perfected her spoiling tactics on me and my brother years ago. The girls, quite naturally, adore her - and she thinks that they are perfect! We're very aware of time with my beloved Gram. She's the only grandparent my husband and I have left, and so we always take portrait pictures with her.
The Pixie wasn't having any of it at first.
She finally came around, though, and we got two good shots of the three of them together.

Most of the pictures are more like this, with Grammy-Great giggling at the Pixie's faces (which range from sour to funny) while the Princess gamely holds a good pose.


Bonnie said...

What a yummy "picnic"! The pictures are great - your girls are so cute. I'm glad the Pixie came around. :-)

A Day That Is Dessert said...

These are so sweet! A wonderful tribute to Grammy-Great. Your firls are beautiful.