Monday, March 30, 2009

Feasting and Fasting

Surprisingly enough, I did wind up with a considerable amount of time to myself on this trip. (When expecting none, some is considerable.) I could have done a lot of things. Part of me wanted, for example, to head in to the city to a bunch of shops that I almost never get to visit. What I chose to do instead was to stay home and quietly work on the projects I had brought with me, inspired by a promise I made to myself to celebrate Lent.

You must understand that my church doesn't follow Lent, but that I find it to be a lovely concept that can be truly beneficial. This year, I was inspired by my faithful commenter, Lecia, and her church's focus on sustainable living for the Lenten season. I took her up on her offer to share their devotional booklet, and - after reading through it - I decided that this year I would Fast from unnecessary and mindless spending and Feast on the blessings of the things I already owned.

Which is why I chose not to waste time, energy, gas and money driving all over Kansas City this week. As lovely as those places all are, and as inspired as I can become by visiting them, I knew I already had amazing materials at my disposal. Honestly, the whole idea of a shopping trip wasn't even as compelling as it used to be. I was satisfied staying at home and playing with the large bag of supplies I had brought with me. I chose beads and prepped my yarn for some beaded socks.

I swatched for a new shawl,

marvelling at how beautiful silk and beads are together. (Even though this is not the actual color of yarn I will be using....) The crispness and shine in the finished swatches was very satisfying - even if I haven't found the correct gauge yet.
I also worked a great deal on two knitting projects - which I will share with you in a few days. Adam Bede, checked out from my local library in MP3 form, kept me company as I sat in the sunshine in my parent's porch and allowed my hands to live their potential. It was peaceful, productive, and quite perfect.


stringplay said...

Lovely post and some good thoughts to dwell upon. Can't wait to see your creations in weeks to come.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I'm so glad to hear about your Lenten experience!