Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workbasket Roundup

As promised, here's a comprehensive look at all of the things currently in my workbasket. It's that time of fall sock knitting binge has begun. (and I'll write more about that later this week) These are for my husband.
And these are for me! Both are tantalizingly close to the finish line.
Just for fun, I thought you would like to see the difference in size for our socks. Yes, it's definitely an act of love!
I also have a cuff prepped for my next pair of patterned socks.
You may remember my summer cardi. It's on hold right now as I work to adjust my size down. As for lace, I have two projects on the needles right now, and sadly I'm not really working on either one.
The problem? They are both mind-numbingly boring at this point. I like my lace to be at least a little bit of a challenge!
I do have a basket full of repair work.
It does include just a wee bit of knitting finish work as well.
I also have a decision to make about the third and final baby gift.
There are singles on the bobbin which need to be liberated.
Some lovely silk to finish spinning.
There's also some blue merino on my spindle...a long-term project indeed!
In my sewing table is a pile of long-neglected pieces destined to be more project bags.
AND, I have the pieces for my quilt ready to go.
With fall in sight, it might be time to start sewing them.
And that's a quick look at what's going on in my crafting world right now. More details will be forthcoming - along with some decisions and a few new projects.


margene said...

Never a dull moment in your knitting/work basket! You're so close on the socks and one lace project looks near the end. You'll have a few FOs in no time!

Paula said...

The basket of blue merino looks like something I want to jump into. So soft and lovely! It's fun to see all the projects you have in the line up!

Bonnie said...

That's an impressive quantity of WIPs! Good luck with them all--looking forward to seeing them as you finish.

A Day That is Dessert said...

You are impressively productive!

Anne said...

It looks like you certainly have enough to keep you busy. No rest for the weary or some such, eh? :)