Monday, August 17, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Princess learned how to knit almost two years ago. She's picked it up periodically, and has always been surprisingly good at it for someone so young. Yesterday she decided to work on a project. She's done this before, but she's never actually finished anything. However, this time she was serious. Today, I helped her to set up a cozy knitting spot in the living room. Here she is, happily working on a knitting project in her rocking chair while listening to StoryNory on my computer.
She was very happy, and she worked diligently for about two and one-half hours.
In fact, she put in so much time that she was easily able to finish. I helped her cast off and hide the ends, and then we went out to the deck for a photo shoot.
As you can see, she made a lovely scarf for her beloved doll, Mirabelle.
Then she borrowed my camera for a fashion shoot!
Meanwhile, the Pixie is expressing her creativity through dance.
The girls have been playing with my old dance costumes (15 years worth!), and this little gold number has become her favorite. (8th grade tap...has gold and silver sequined legwarmers and a gold sequined hat somewhere)
It does a mother's heart good!


A Day That is Dessert said...

It would do my heart good too!

Your daughters are beautiful and look so happy...neat to see their creativity on so many levels. xoxo

Anne said...

What a pretty scarf! And she must have worked really hard on it, to have it finished up so quickly! (Would that my project came off the needles likes that.....)

Bonnie said...

What fun photos! And what a pretty doll scarf. She obviously takes after her mother!

Jenny said...

Great collection of pics of your girls. What a lucky Mom you are! What lucky daughters they are!