Monday, August 3, 2009

The Monday List

I'm having a wee bit of house-envy. My parents enclosed most of their porch several years ago, and that space has become a huge favorite with everyone. Recently, they got rid of their ancient hot tub, redid the flooring and then moved their table to the back room (bottom picture). We spent most of the weekend in that room, and it was delightful. Someday, I hope to have a room like this in my forever home!
So this week's list is going to be a bit different. As I find myself without the girls for a week, I feel like I really need to focus on getting a few major projects done to help prepare for the start of the school year in a few weeks. There are far fewer fun things on this list...although I do hope to have some fun...but I think it'll be good for me. (Never fear, my husband is going to help with some of it.)
My To-Do List:
  1. Clean out the Princess's Room. This includes boxing up outgrown/broken toys and thoroughly sorting everything.
  2. Ditto for the toys in the basement.
  3. Go through the girls' books, getting rid of any that are trashed beyond reason.
  4. Clean our bedroom. It's become the clutter spot for the house - with everyone just dumping stuff in here. That's got to end.
  5. Scrub down kitchen.
  6. Scrub down bathrooms.
  7. Rearrange the Pixie's bedroom. It's a bit of a disaster right now because of the size of her furniture.
  8. Do something - ANYTHING - with our digital photos.
  9. Organize last year's school things.
  10. Possibly begin work on storage area.

And just so you know that fun is planned:

  1. Harry Potter with my husband.
  2. Bangkok Gardens with my husband - one of our favorite restaurants, and one we missed on our last week without the girls.
  3. Spindling lesson with a friend.
  4. Possibly an acupuncture session as a tune-up.
  5. Possibly an artist date with a good friend.
  6. Definitely one or two trips to a coffee shop to knit, write and/or dream for a bit.

Have a great week everyone!


margene said...

You will be very busy while the grrls are away. It's nice to read there's a little fun included!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Sounds as if you have a week to look forward to - wow! We saw HP over the weekend - enjoy!

Shelda said...

Sounds ambitious! Hope you have a great week.