Tuesday, August 25, 2009


First Grade started yesterday! You can see how excited the Princess was. In fact, we joked all morning that she was a special kind of crazy.
We had a beautiful first day, and a beautiful first grader.
Here the girls are, waiting for the school bus.
Here she is...ready to go! I'm very happy to report that her first day was a huge success, and that she enjoyed every minute of it.
Today, the Princess went to preschool for the first time!
We had her open house on Sunday, and since then she's been asking when she could go back to school and stay by herself for a while.
A little support from big sis!
When we got to the school, she was so eager to get inside that I could barely get her to stop for a couple of quick pictures.

And then she disappeared into the classroom without a hug and kiss and a glance back. Her first day was also a huge success. In fact, my kids are the sort that cry when Mom comes to pick them up because they are having so much fun! And this is one mom who is very, very happy about that.

PS. The girls were allowed to pick out their first day outfits, and once again it was their choice to dress just alike. We're glad they at least started on separate days!


Anne said...

Honestly, Kris - your two could NOT be cuter! :)

Jenny said...

They really do look so cute! Isn't it cool that they want to wear matching outfits?

Paula said...

Those first days of school are so memorable. Love the photos of the girls. They do look HAPPY!

A Day That is Dessert said...

What a big day for your family! They look adorable; glad to hear they were so excited. And I'm excited for you, that you'll now get a bit of time for yourself!