Monday, August 31, 2009

The Monday List

Today's Monday List is brought to you by one finished pair of Tiger Socks!

Yarn: Opal Rainforest, Tiger (Thanks Shelda!)
Needles: 2.25 mm bamboo DPN's, probably Crystal Palace
Pattern: Ann Budd's basic sock pattern from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.
Knitting: August 11 - 31, 2009
Details: Altered the length a bit. It's now an 80 stitch sock, with 80 rows in the leg and 60 in the foot. The husband reports that he's very happy.

Here's a little assist from the Pixie to show the socks to scale. Problem is, it backfired and she wouldn't take them off for a long while.

And now, for the list...

Last week was a much better week than we expected it to be. Remember when I said that my first priority was to survive the first week of school? I wasn't kidding. Last year our first week of school was rather difficult, and by the time it ended we were all completely exhausted. (Despite our stellar experiences last year with a teacher who is arguably the best kindergarten teacher on the planet, I remain convinced that full-day kindergarten is criminal.) Fortunately, this year has been much easier! It was a long, and sometimes difficult week, but all in all it was a much easier transition.

As for the rest of the list, I managed to catch up this blog with my current projects and I finished the aforementioned socks. The rest...well, I'd rather have a calm, happy first week of school!

So let's start fresh this week!

  1. Socks for the girls...and I can't say that enough! They are both clamoring for new socks!
  2. Spin a bit each day. It's fun, and it's good for the soul.
  3. 10 min. per day on my cardi.
  4. 10 min. per day on a WIP shawl.
  5. Begin my retrospective on my creative life.
  6. Finish decluttering our bedroom/closet. Seriously.
  1. Recommence Morning Pages.
  2. Finish another project.
  3. Work on repair basket.
  4. Plan Christmas gifts. You laugh, but I worked retail for years and I LOVE finishing by Halloween.
  1. Some lace....I keep thinking about it, but nothing has been happening.
  2. Write a letter. It sounds fun...I just don't know who I'd write one too.
  3. Organize our photos, which are a nightmare of epic proportions.

Have a great week!


quantumtea said...

Back in ye olde days of sea mail to England, I had to have the UK Christmas stuff done by mid October, and it feels really good to be ahead! Not to mention spreading the cost and effort out.

May I ask how you do the Morning Pages?

Anne said...

Sounds like a great list. Congrats on having survived week #1. Our next-door neighbor who is 5-1/2 has only had to have his dad called from work once in the last 2 weeks. They were dreading the transition.

Bonnie said...

The Pixie is a terrific model!

A Day That is Dessert said...

I start thinking about Christmas now, too :)

Angela said...

Good luck with working on Christmas gifts and tackling your to-do list. I try to finish all of my Xmas gifts before Halloween too (which is also my middle child's birthday), that way we can enjoy the holidays without so much of a mad scramble to finish gifts! The exception, of course, is Christmas cookies and fruitcake, but...

Love those Tiger socks! I am in the middle of knitting some socks with Opal yarn - I have never used it before (I usually use handspun or Brown Sheep yarns for socks), but I was given a skein and so far I like knitting with it.

Hope the transition back to the school year continues to be smooth and enjoyable for you guys.