Monday, February 23, 2009

What Followed Me Home

We spent this last weekend at home on the farm with my parents. My father had shoulder surgery a week ago, and - while it wasn't as serious as they had feared - he did need some help around the farm and the distraction of grandchildren. My Mother is also partially laid-up right now with a broken bone in her foot. She can still get around fairly easily, but she shouldn't be.

My husband and I spent a lot of time blissfully working on the farm. Well, at least I was blissful. Who knows what he felt! The children spend their weekend entertaining two adoring grandparents.

On Saturday, Mom and I escaped the house for a bit to run some errands. Mom's been quite naturally cooped up for the last week, and she needed to get out. I suggested a trip to the neighboring town of Liberty so that we could visit the yarn and bead shops that coexist in a wonderful place called Corbin Mill. Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by beauty for a little while!

This one skein of Schaefer Anne just had to come home with me. I fell in love as soon as I picked it up, although it's quite out of my normal range of colors. Perhaps this signals the start of another color shift?

For those of you who are curious, it's "Sock the Vote" in "Michele." Mom came home with a skein of "Hillary" which was my second choice. If I could have justified it.....


Salihan said...

Beautiful colours on your skein of yarn. Any ideas what you're going to knit with it?

Margene said...

Love the colors of Michelle! How nice to spend time helping your parents and then come home with a nice skein of yarn.

Paula said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend at the farm. I love the colors in that skein of yarn, too!

Shelda said...

Loverly. And who knows about those color shifts? I think we all have lots of colors we could love.

And you know what, we have the same orchid pot (the one with the little green boxes on it)