Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing My Mind

I planned. I swatched.

I didn't like the swatch at all.

I found something better.

Thank You Ravelry!


Bonnie said...

That is seriously cute! Go for it! (Although 9 bucks for a pattern is kinda spendy...)

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Wow - love that photo in the link - great idea!! Have fun!

Shelda said...

That's a fabulous pattern, but you do want it in Claudia's handpaint? As often as it would need to be washed?

I think it's the garter stitch that is getting you into trouble with this swatch. Still think it would be lovely in a stockinette based lace.

But definitely go for the dress, in this or something else. Bonnie's right on; it's seriously cute.

Salihan said...

I'll just chirp in and also say, TOO CUTE!