Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Things I Want To Do When I'm Finished With The Alpaca

First, a picture of my bedroom - to which the alpaca has been relocated. Why? Excessive Glitter in the kitchen and living room. My List:
  1. Start my third sweater for the year - Town & Country from A Fine Fleece.
  2. Spring Cleaning!
  3. Sort the girls' clothes.
  4. Spin something for myself!
  5. Go to the park with the girls
  6. Sew up a bunch of my project bags. I need more, and several friends have asked if I would make them for sale.
  7. Work on my quilt.
  8. Finally put together my beaded necklace.
  9. Go on a Charles De Lint book binge.
  10. Spend quality time with both girls - playing with the Pixie and reading with the Princess.


Shelda said...

"Excessive glitter" sounds like as good a reason as any!

Margene said...

Hope you're finished soon and you can get to your want list!