Friday, February 27, 2009

A Dream Begins To Come True

A package arrived yesterday.
A very small package that easily fit in the mailbox.
Inside were three tiny skeins of yarn.

3 very special skeins of yarn from Heirloom Knitting.
350 yards of Shetland Supreme.
480 meters of Gossamer Merino.
And 725 meters of Gossamer CashSilk.
They embarrass this sock yarn with their daintiness and delicacy.

They excite me with the possibility.


Bonnie said...

This promises to be a very exciting journey! I am looking forward to seeing your swatches and which yarn you choose.

Margene said...

You have some incredible knitting ahead!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Have fun with your projects!!

Shelda said...

Oooooo! How sweet they look. I love the teacups to show them off.

I'm so excited for you. You've been talking about this one for years!