Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreaming Of Spring

I would like to point out that I am not tired of the winter for conventional reasons. Rather, this year I'm sick to death of winter because we never had winter. It's barely snowed, never iced and been moderate in temperature. You would think I would be rejoicing. But I love the winter in all of it's cold, snowy glory...and I hate it when we get a seasonless season. Instead of the snow and ice I can at least appreciate, all we got was gray.

And so now that it's warming even a bit, my thoughts are turning towards spring. For this knitter, spring means lace. After finishing my last shawl, I immediately cast on for Anne Hanson's Lacewing Shawl. The yarn is Liisu Yarns (Now the Unique Sheep) Laceweight in Meadowlight. I had purchased the yarn almost two years ago, and am glad now that I bought every skein that my LYS had as it's a yarn no longer in production. To my great delight, I think it's prettier knit up than it was in the skein - which isn't always the case with hand dyed yarns. I am eagerly looking forward to the insects around the bottom. They may get a special treatment...

My lace dreams are strong enough that I'm thinking about waking my Forest Path stole from its long slumber. No, it's not the most terribly interesting thing to knit, but it will be pretty. This is a stole I can see myself wearing often...and so I would like to finish it. In all honesty, the yarn haunts me. I spent a lot of money to buy the exact yarn the pattern called for because I wanted this stole so badly...and it's just sat for almost four years. It's time to get busy.
A good friend gave me this gorgeous skein of yarn for my birthday. (I'm feeling a bit lazy this morning, so I'm not going to go look up the details now.) It took very little searching to find a pattern that was perfect for it. It's only a 4 row repeat, and so this may become my 'mindless' lace for the spring. I can't wait until this shawl full of sunshine is finished.
But it's not enough to just work on the things I've already started. I really enjoyed working with the Claudia Hand Painted yarn on my last shawl - dye problems aside. I have four skeins of "Strawberry Latte" waiting for a project, and I have beads that go very well with it. I may have to spend some time today perusing Ravelry for pattern ideas - although I'm oddly tempted to do another version of Miralda's Shawl with beads instead of nups. Any suggestions?
I have one other piece of lace in mind...but I think I'll wait a few days before I talk about it.
Spring and lace, could any other combination be more perfect?


Paula said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the color of your Lacewing Shawl and the pattern looks amazing! I could see beads on those insects, for sure!

I'm in a lace mood also. Spring is coming!

Bonnie said...

Oh my, they're all so lovely. Spring is going to be an exciting time on your blog!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I know what you mean about a seasonless season. We have that a lot here; it's why I really start to miss the sun. It's rarely cold but almost always gray...

Love these photos!