Monday, February 2, 2009

The Monday List

Whoops! Monday almost slipped by without a list!

Last week's recap:
1. My P.E.O. duties were completed, happy day!
2. I did set up a schedule for spinning the samples, but wasn't able to start because of my sick kid. (She's much more important - and my boss agreed.) The great news is that - so long as I stick with the schedule - I should easily be able to finish by the end of the month, well ahead of the actual deadline for the show.
3. Cobblestone is done! (See last post.)
4. I did work on my shawl, and had a wonderful time doing so.
5. No quilting of any sort happened.
6. I managed to get myself out of bed in plenty of time for my morning routine for the majority of last week. Bedtime is still iffy, but I have been working on just going to bed when I'm tired - no matter how early that may be.
7. See this week's list.

This Week's List:
1. CALL MY ACUPUNCTURIST. My body has come up with new, creative ways to let me know that I'm out of balance/blocked/stressed/need help. NO MORE DELAYS! Even my husband said yesterday that I need to call her asap for an appointment. My only excuse is that it does feel like an indulgence. Just like so many other Moms, I tend to put myself last....and I know I can no longer afford to do so.
2. My big goal for the week is to complete the judging/spinning of the Class A samples.
3. My beautiful shawl - Miralda's Triangular Shawl - has become my priority knitting. My wish is to finish it in time for my next guild meeting.

And that's it for this week! I know that it's a rather short list, but there is a very, very good reason for that. This weekend I'm going to be house and dog sitting for my parents - and I'm going to go by myself. That's right, I'm getting a much-needed, well-deserved break. While staying at my parent's home isn't exactly the same as taking a vacation to some marvelous destination, it does present some rather tantalizing opportunities (assuming I don't spend the entire weekend in bed, reading trash novels and knitting), such as a trip to the Nelson....

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

Good luck with your list! Yay for the cobblestone being done. And yay for making progress with your morning routine.