Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tour De Fleece

My poor spinning wheel has been feeling rather neglected lately. I'm prone to spinning in short - albeit intense - bursts of activity, and my recent focus on a certain green shawl has pushed everything else aside. (I would really like to finish it by my next guild meeting.) She really deserves better from me.

Enter Le Tour de Fleece.

I had heard about the Tour last year, and thought it sounded like a lot of fun. After all, this event combines spinning - one of my favorite things - with the Tour de France - one of my family's favorite things. When I came across a link to this year's Tour, I felt that familiar little nudge from my Green Woman, and so I decided to sign right up.

I have a few different goals in mind, and am mulling over which of them could prove to be the most fun. I will announce them the day before Le Tour de Fleece officially kicks off, and will also provide a bit of our family bicycling history as well.

Until then....back to knitting!

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