Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stage One Complete

I'm quite happy to report that I did indeed pull out my wheel and spin a bit yesterday. It wasn't much - but it counts! I would like to have done more....more spinning, more knitting, more creating in general...but we had a happy surprise and wound up spending the entire day with family.

The happy surprise was courtesy of one of my Gram's neighbors, who called yesterday morning to find out if we were busy. It turns out that they had decided on a spontaneous trip here to see some of their friends, and she thought that they might as well bring Gram along to see us. We thought it was a wonderful idea, so I called Gram to invite her down. The neighbor had already suggested it, but Gram didn't want to be a bother. Silly Gram. Excellent neighbor.

And so Gram's friends dropped her off when they arrived in town, and we all had a lovely afternoon together. Gram was able to spend quality time with the girls, and I am very grateful that they all had that opportunity. As my husband later pointed out, normally Gram is here with my entire family and she kind of gets shoved into the background. Yesterday she was the center of focus, and our girls doted on her. (The Pixie just informed me that she wants to see Gramma-Great today too.) The cousins who are also in town this weekend came to our house so that Gram could see the little girls all play together. The Princess and her cousin are very close, and Gram thought they were a lot of fun - despite the chaos they tend to create!

As a bonus, I learned something about Gram that I never would have suspected! I found out that Gram played baseball in high school. She had a card in her purse that a friend had sent with a picture of the two of them and one other friend in their baseball uniforms. That was a stunner!

After Gram left, we drove in to my in-laws' home to spend the rest of the day with that side of the family. We only see the cousins two or three times per year, and we always try to do as much with them as we can!

And post about the Tour didn't happen yesterday and it was a very light creative day.

But it was a very, very good day, and we all went to bed happy.

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Paula said...

Sounds like a memorable day with family. Our boys say their times with their cousins are among the best times of their childhood.