Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Great "I WANTS"

The fact of the matter is that I rarely knit anything for myself other than lace shawls and/or socks.

That stinks.

I have a whole mountain of reasons as to why this is true - many of them involving issues that would take years to resolve in therapy - and it's really something that I need to change. After all, if I love my family enough to provide them all with beautiful sweaters, I should do the exact same for myself. Right?!

Enter one new book - Michele Rose Orne's Inspired to Knit - and the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. Between the two sources, there are probably 5 or 6 sweaters that I would love to have. Sooooo beautiful! It seems that classic, timeless looks are back in, and my knitterly heart is just melting.

And so for today, we have the Great I WANTS.

I want to be selfish, and knit only for me.

I want to buy the yarn to make one of those sweaters - even though I have yarn for several other sweaters already.

I want to chuck my current list of works in progress for fantastic sweaters.

I want to be happy with my size so that the mountain of issues would disappear.

I want to be the sort of knitter who cranks out sweater after wonderful sweater for herself.

I want a wardrobe full of classic, stylish handknits.

I want.....

Well, it doesn't matter what I want right now because I have projects that must be attended to and I don't have the resources to go willy-nilly purchasing things just for me right now.

The Green Woman is going to get me for this.

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