Thursday, July 24, 2008

Le Tour De Slow

My third goal with Le Tour De Fleece was to fill my drop spindle.

With only four days left, I might not make it. Apparently, I grossly miscalculated the amount of time I would need. What you see in these pictures is all I've accomplished since the 17th, when my spindle made it's grand appearance here at Green Woman Comes Knocking. I am getting better - and I am learning a lot - but I am very, very slow.

I am starting to realize that this spindle is something I need very badly in my life right now. I think perhaps I will save that topic for a bit later, though. I need to ruminate.

Oh, and Tynan made friends with the shawl today.


Jenn said...

It may be slow going, but it's gorgeous! I really love the color and slight sparkle.

Paula said...

It truly is a beautiful wool!