Friday, July 4, 2008

I Love Alpaca, But Alpaca Does Not Love Me

Memory is a tricky thing.

When I think about alpaca, all I remember is my love for it. In fact, I can become quite rhapsodic when discussing all of the merits of alpaca - from it's softness to the subtle halo. I love it quite dearly, and often it's the first thing I seek out in a yarn store.

Of course, all of that comes crashing to the ground somewhere in the middle of a large alpaca project when I find myself wondering why my hands are so very dry - bordering on the painful. Then I remember, alpaca sucks the moisture from my hands like no other fiber, and I'm going to have to fight that until the end of the project.

The horrible dryness hit a couple of days ago, and yesterday the skin on the tip of my left index finger split open just a wee hair. As knitting injuries go it's minor, but it does hurt.

And so there will be no frantic marathonesque knit to the finish to complete the shawl by my guild meeting on Tuesday night. I have 3.25 repeats of the last lace pattern to complete and then the edging, which is a bit much given the circumstances. Ah well....

Really, I don't know that I'm going to have the time to finish this weekend anyway. We have a fun-filled weekend with the cousins planned, and I can't imagine much knitting is going to happen. I also have a rather large to-do list for this week, with most of the items being responsibilities that just can't be put matter how much I'd rather be knitting!

If the shawl weren't so pretty, and if I weren't quite so anxious to see it finished....

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Bonnie said...

Take care of your hands and take a break! And have a fun, relaxing holiday weekend!