Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing with the tredle.
Spinning At Last!
Her First Yarn.
Predrafting, So She Can Keep Going!
Miss Princess has been watching me spin for the last week or so with a hungry look in her eye (Makes me wonder what her Green Girl looks like...). She started begging yesterday, and so I decided that today was the day. The wheel is my ancient Ashford Scholar - a long retired model that my parents purchased for me when I was 15. It's a bit of a bear, but I really don't want her messing around with my Lendrum. She really can't hurt this wheel, no matter what she does. Plus, I figure that if she can learn to successfully spin on this old clunker she can spin on anything. The fiber is some needle felting fiber I picked up this summer to use for crafts. Perfect little girl colors!
A few quotes from my new spinner:
"My yarn is perfectly perfect like yours!"
"Can I save my money to buy my own wheel?"
"I LOVE spinning!"
"Will you get me some more fiber?"

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