Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Problem...

This is my knitting bag. It's an Amy Butler Sweet Life bag, and I think it's absolutely beautiful.

The problem is that this is always how full it is. I am a natural pack rat, and I have this weird fear of running out of things to do - or of getting bored - that goes back to childhood. When I was small, I always carried three books to Gram's house. In high school and college my friends referred to my attache cases as 'kitchen sink bags.' Small surprise that my knitting bag is overloaded.

Here is an average-sized 5-year-old child (and an awfully cute one!) for scale.

This is how the bag is supposed to look when full.

But this is how little actually fits into it when full.

And this is how much stuff I had to take out of the bag in order to close it properly.

Where am I going with this?

Last night I was gently admonished by my acupuncturist for carrying a bag that was both too big and too heavy. She had commented last week, but was much more specific this week. It's quite simply too much weight to be putting on my neck, shoulders and back. (I can't even get the strap up on my shoulder most of the time because it's so full.) She's absolutely right, and in fact I have been considering a change for the last month or so. I'm thinking a much smaller backpack would be a better idea - or one of those funky new ergonomic bags.

Time to start looking!


Shannon said...

If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one :) My namaste bag is jam packed.

Paula said...

When leaving on a trip I always take along knitting that would last about 10 times longer than the actual trip. A knitter has to have choices. I would rather carry too much than be bored. In addition to the knitting I have reading, piping gear (unless flying), get the picture. Clothing is a minor part of the packing.