Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Emily's Firmament

Firmaments Lace Shawl by Bonnie Sennott
Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk, 1 Cone - Olive
Addi Turbo - 3.25mm, 24 inch
June 23, 2008 - July 21, 2008
Finished Size: 46 inch diameter
Modifications: Absolutely None!

Notes: For the first time ever, I didn't come out quite right on the edging. Instead of trying to fix it, though, I fudged it. (The Green Woman doesn't know whether to laugh uproariously or fall over in a dead faint.) In order to make it work, on the last repeat of the edging, I simply did a few double joins instead of singles. While trying to figure out if there was an easily adjustable problem, I did find a place in the edging where I actually goofed. I left it in. (I really pushed the Green Woman over the edge with that one...)

About the pictures: The bed is queen sized (for reference). The last picture is of the shawl blocking on a white sheet - taken for the high contrast so that the pattern shows up well. The color is actually the most acurate in the pre-blocking photo from the preview posted earlier today.

I absolutely love this shawl! It will probably be gifted at some point - especially as I have a second color in mind for this pattern that I would prefer to keep for myself - but for now it is taking it's turn on the back of my husband's grandmother's rocking chair. It's a place of honor that only my favorite shawls get experience!

The Pixie decided to help with the pictures...

And I wound up with what is quite possible my favorite portrait of my daughter.


Jenny J said...

Oh, Kristen, your shawl is beautiful! And the Pixie is pretty cute too! - although she is loads bigger than the last time I saw her!

Paula said...

I am catching up on your blog. The shawl is absolutely stunning! I hope the person who receives it is truly shawl-worthy. Oh my goodness. I think I'm hyperventilating...

Carrie said...

I see that one of my stuck at home days will now have to be back tracking to read your blog "oldies."