Friday, January 29, 2016

The Shawl Project

I was gently taken to task for not wearing my lace when I wrote this post, so I decided to try to wear as many of them as possible this month! 
The only rule - it either had to be worn out of the house somewhere, or had to be used at home for a significant period of time.  (In other words, I couldn't just take a picture and be done with it)
Documented selfie-style, of course.
 1/10/16 - handspun, handknit silk Estonian lace Peacock scarf
 1/10/16 - later that day, beaded silk Tibetan Clouds stole.
 1/11/16 - Mandala shawl
also worn as a scarf with my coat.
1/12/16 - Elektra (to be fair, this is one I wear all of the time)

 1/13/16 - Taygete - this one makes my mouth water, the colors are such an amazing combo!  But I never actually wove in the ends (eeep!), and so I'd never worn it.  Went ahead and wore it today despite that little oversight...which is all too common with my shawls.

1/14/16 - Weeping Willows. Another cheat, as this is a go-to shawl of mine that I've worn a LOT.
 1/15/15 - Rhea Silvia - I made the mistake of attempting to wrap it like you do with cowls....
 I HATE having stuff wrapped around my neck! This is better.

 1/15/16 - Second outing for the day, Prairie Rose Shawl

 1/16/16 - Lisianthus

 1/17/16 - Aolian Shawl

 1/18/16 - Wore Tibetan Clouds a second time, styled very differently

 1/19/16 - Melon Scarf

 1/21/16 - Heart to Heart (used to wear this all of the time, too)

 1/21/16 - Color on Color, worn on top of Heart to Heart

 1/22/16 - Miralda's Triangular Shawl

 1/23/16 - Hap Shawl (I was sick, so I curled up with it in my favorite chair all morning.)
1/25/16 - Maia Shoulderette
 1/28/16 - Shamrocks! (The weather has warmed...they are beginning to be a bit much.)

 1/29/16 - Another old favorite and oft worn, Laminaria, for around the house in the morning.

And with all of that...these are the shawls that I wasn't able to wear.  If I'd given it the full month...maybe.


Bonnie said...

Love this post! So great to see you wearing your beautiful lace!!!

Bonnie said...

Love this post! So great to see you wearing your beautiful lace!!!