Friday, January 1, 2016

Start As You Mean To Go On - Welcome 2016

  • I woke up early and spent some time with my journal - curled up in my old Starbucks chair in my corner of the basement.
  • I went for a four mile run with my BRF - outside in the gorgeously cold, sunshiny day.
  • I made decisions about the next sweater for myself, and did the prep work so that I can start immediately.
  • I laughed with my friends, loved my babies, and kissed my husband.
  • I took care of my health by taking a much needed nap...even though I really didn't want to.
  • I made my favorite allergy-compliant soup to nourish my body and soul. 
  • I kept my internet time to a minimum...choosing books and podcasts instead.
  • I worked on connections - surprising two friends at a coffee shop, making plans with another, having a text conversation with yet another.
  • I took a situation that's troubled me for a while, sat with it in contemplation, and chose to find ways to fix it. 
It was a day of living intentionally....of choosing to do things as my best possible self in order to set an example for the year to come.  Not every day will be as successful, of course, but the possibility will always be there. 

We talk about starting --- tomorrow...or next week....or on a certain day.

I chose to start today. 

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