Thursday, January 21, 2016


 In my ongoing quest to use up my stash...and in my current mood, where I don't want to start big projects just now...I decided to knit a quick scarf.
I've knit a Streussel before, but I gifted that one away.  I absolutely love this shape for scarves.  The extra fabric in the middle makes it really cozy to wear.
My one complaint is that the yarn - which was beautiful in the skein - is rather hideous when knit up.  I kind of hope it fades.  A lot.  Sigh.  It was unfortunately one of the most colorfast hand-dyed skeins of yarn I've ever washed....
As a funny note...I did rather start it on a whim, only to discover a little while later that I'd started it on the designer's birthday!
Streussel, by Bonnie Sennott
Addi Turbo, 24 inch circs, US 6
Pagewood Farm, Glacier Bay, Forest Cami
January 13-15, 2016

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