Monday, January 4, 2016

The Never Ending Socks

Basic Socks
pattern by Ann Budd
Knit Picks DPN's - 2.0mm
Opal Sock Yarn - Love Story
76 stitches around
23 rows ribbing, 50 rows leg, 60 rows foot #1, 58 rows foot #2
June 27, 2015 - January 2, 2016
OK, this is totally ridiculous.  It should NEVER take me this long to knit a pair of basic socks!  Rather annoyed with myself for no good reason.
I did have trouble with the needles on this one, which caused a very curious outcome.
I've been using KnitPicks Harmony DPN's since they came out, and until this pair of socks I've had absolutely no problems with them.  I must have gotten ahold of a flawed set, though, because I seriously snapped five needles on the first sock.  At least two of them snapped after developing snags where a sliver of wood had come off....the others just flat out broke during regular usage.  (Cannot even begin to tell you how annoying this was....I am NOT that tight of a knitter!)
So the second sock was done with a different set...same size and brand of needle, but this time with no problems.  I decided to make the second sock a couple of rows shorter because I've noticed lately that recent socks are trending towards a tad long in the toe.  I *should* have had to redo the toe of the first sock to make them the same length...but when I did a side by side comparison I discovered they were the same length.
The only thing I can think is that the first set of needles was actually a smidge smaller than the second.  (In the past I have noticed some discrepancies in size with the KnitPicks Harmony needles, which honestly I almost expect out of a wooden needle.)  Apparently, though, this time it was enough to make a difference in my gauge.

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